Young Type Ones Meet College Athletes

I believe that soccer unites people all around the world. It skips racial boundaries, economical disparities, and language barriers. The ball doesn't care where you are from or how old you are. All that matters is enjoying the beautiful game named "soccer." Here I am, in my very last semester of undergraduate studies. I was … Continue reading Young Type Ones Meet College Athletes

Relationships: Soccer and Diabetes

I know. It’s been a while since my last post. The more I have to say today, though. I’d like to spend a few moments on talking about “relationships.” Some of you might think: “What do relationships have to do with diabetes and sports?” Well, the answer is simple – everything! Of the three longest … Continue reading Relationships: Soccer and Diabetes

Great Weekend in Texas: First Win on the Road!

Have you ever been to Texas? Me neither. Actually, now that I mentioned it, I have been there before. But I certainly try not to think about that one trip (when we lost 0:5 to Houston Baptist and I got sent off with a red card). Anyways, this time my trip to Texas was much better. … Continue reading Great Weekend in Texas: First Win on the Road!

How Much Do You Depend On Technology?

It's only been little over a week since my CGM system stopped working. However, it feels more like a year. I didn't realize how much I love it until now. I haven't forgotten how to use a conventional meter. Yet the security and confidence a continuous glucose monitoring provides is gone. My blood sugar values are still in a … Continue reading How Much Do You Depend On Technology?

CGM Simplifies Diabetes Management

Continuous Glucose Monitoring, or CGM, is a fairly recent technology in the diabetes world. Although it has been introduced in 2006, it didn't really become a thing until about five years ago. I have been using CGM technology since May 2014 and it has made my daily diabetes management a lot easier. Prior to the … Continue reading CGM Simplifies Diabetes Management